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New Construction

Because South Louisiana’s climate can be hard on your plants and turf, irrigation is a smart investment. An irrigation system allows you to protect your new landscape or sod investment from summer drought. Proper water is critical for the survival of new plant material, and hand watering large landscape and turf areas can be impractical or impossible. We can install a quality irrigation system that offers years of dependable service and allows your new investment to thrive.

Proper drainage is equally important. Some landscape and turf areas require sub-surface drainage to remove excess water from problematic areas. Because we use laser level technology, we can install an underground drainage system that is guaranteed to provide years of dependable service and allows your new investment to thrive.

Existing turf and landscape

Adding irrigation or drainage to your existing landscape or turf can drastically increase growth quality and eliminate recurring summer drought stress or winter root rot, which occurs frequently in South Louisiana due to extreme climate changes. When installing irrigation or drainage in existing landscape we take great care not to disturb the existing landscape or turf. We use specialized equipment and dig by hand when it's in the best interest of the landscape. Within a few weeks it's as though we weren’t even there...with the exception that your turf and landscape is thriving.